Why LinkedIn?

In my general social media training over the last few years, I always answered the question of “Which is your favorite social media?” with this answer.

Facebook is my favourite. My family lives in KZN and I live in Western Cape. And my friends and extended family are all over the world. We use Facebook to keep in touch with which nephew is putting on a play and which cousin is having a baby or getting a degree!

But in terms of business use, I would give up all other social media; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest (sadly) – everything – to hold onto LinkedIn and the blog on my website.


Well because LinkedIn is the best platform to get business. If I want to earn money to buy baby shower gifts, then LinkedIn connects me most professionally with my potential clients and allows me to speak to them directly rather than the general awareness that we can expect with Facebook for example.

Of course this is not relevant for every industry. If we were selling something visual, like clothes, or something local, like plants, then Pinterest and Facebook work well. If we wanted media attention or were sharing rapid live content about events, then Twitter works.

But for most professionals, to reach out to a specific type of potential client, establish a relationship and share relevant content, then nothing beats LinkedIn.

Seems I enjoy LinkedIn
Seems I enjoy LinkedIn

Perhaps the part that puts most people off with LinkedIn is that it is not as easy to broadcast and then sit back and wait for someone to find you. You actually have to be proactive in reaching people and sharing with them directly. But an investment of time with the appropriate audience is far more likely to yield results than a spray-and-pray approach.

LinkedIn is also incredibly versatile, meeting the needs of people in sales to find leads and build a sales pipeline, as well as recruiters looking for find talent/ it also works obviously for people looking for a job or a career change.

So if you have any questions about LinkedIn,and how it might work for your career, business or industry, then please send me message and we can have a chat.

I hope to see you online.


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