Why LinkedIn Company Pages instead of Profiles?

Both Facebook and LinkedIn have the same approach to personal profiles and business / company pages. A human being creates an account on the platform, and then creates a Business Page (Facebook) or a Company Page (LinkedIn) to represent the commercial entity that they are involved in.

Some people try to game the system by forcing their company details into a personal profile. The minute you are trying to work out whether your company is a Mr or a Ms, then we are in the wrong place.

LinkedIn is a professional network, and we network as humans, so we use our personal profiles. I can connect with you on LinkedIn, but I cannot connect with your company. I can follow your Company Page on LinkedIn though.

I know why people thing that they should use the profile for their companies. They think thLinkedIn company vs personal profileat by making their business a personal profile, they can ‘friend’ clients and potential clients and communicate better.

While they may be able to communicate more directly, the approach is flawed. Not only are they violating the terms of use for both Facebook and LinkedIn, but their profile now appears unprofessional, they lose the social aspect of social media by confronting people with their company brand and they distance potential clients as opposed to drawing them closer.

Furthermore, all the valuable features of a company page are lost in this process.

From a Company Page you can,

  • Show employees so that viewers can connect to their best option within a company
  • Post job openings
  • Allow people (potential clients as well as potential staff) to follow your company page before officially connecting with someone
  • Post news which can be shared easily
  • State the nature of your business, including locations, website, company size etc
  • Create Featured Products Pages to highlight specific

Please see the article, about how to access LinkedIn’s Company page to understand the process of running a company brand via accessing LinkedIn in a personal capacity.

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