Someone just viewed your LinkedIn profile, so what?

Someone just viewed your LinkedIn profile, so what? Why not use this opportunity to start a conversation? Why start a conversation? Why not?  If you are wondering what you should write about, why not have a look at their profile to get some ideas. Maybe they have posted just something on their LinkedIn status update. Why not check it out? If they post status updates, you can view their activity. All this would take a matter of a few minutes. Certainly better than talking about the weather

Starting a conversation for the sake of it?

If you are worried about just starting a conversation for the sake of starting one, think back to your goals and objectives in your career and business and why you are on LinkedIn to begin with. Are you not on LinkedIn to foster relationships and build your network in way that could benefit your career or business? If not this then what?

Remember to enable feature in account settings

To see who viewed your LinkedIn profile remember you must have enabled this your in your account settings. If you have made yourself anonymous on LinkedIn then those who view your profile will also be anonymous. Fair enough I think.

Start a conversation, DON’T sell

Don’t be under pressure to sell anything. There is absolutely no need for this. You have no idea why or how the person got on to your profile and selling something could really be way of the mark. However, you also never know where your next deal will come from. Building and strengthening relationships provides a solid platform for doing business. Your network gets to know, like and trust you which is a basic principle for successful networking.

What if you are not connected to the person?

If you are not already connected to the person who has viewed their profile, it might be an opportunity to add to your existing network. The person will already be famililar with you to some extent since they have visited your profile. They can still decline your request to connect but the chances are less than a completely random invitation to connect?

Business! What a pleasant surprise

You would be amazed by how a short mail to touch base with someone could ultimately result in business for you. Someone had a reason for visiting profile,whether your name came up in a search or they just wanted to find out what you were up to. Do not just wait for business opportunities to come along. Create the ripe circumstances for them.

No need to refer to the profile visit

When you send your mail there is absolutely no need to refer to the fact that they visited your profile. You can do this ofcourse but you also run the risk of potentially embarrassing someone who thought they were doing it undercover. You don’t want someone to feel like a stalker. If the person wants to, they will probably hint at why they had visited your profile. The person might wonder what a coincidence that they viewed your profile and the next few minutes they are getting mail from you. Synchronicity perhaps!

What do you make of all this? I would love to hear your comments on this advice.


  1. Bruce please confirm whether this is a premium feature or not. I do see people have viewed my profile. Yet I’ve found I have to upgrade my account to see the actual names.

    Warning for Facebook users – this is a form of spamming. Apps which claim to provide this function are not legitimate.

    • Ramon, you are quite correct. You can only see the identity of the person if they have enabled it in their own settings. I guess I am bit fortunate in that most viewers to my profile have made their own profiles visible.

      For a free account, you can only see the latest 6 people who viewed your account while the paid accounts maintain a history of the people who have viewed your account. Hope this helps.

  2. Excellent article. I wanted to share it with others so just tweeted it thru my twitter @justrightpm. I am curious to know how you start your conversation with the people who saw your profile. Can you please provide a couple of example of the “first sentence” that you write in your email?

    • Thank you very much. Here is an example of how I do it. If I am connected to the person. I will send a message like, Hi X, Long time. Just thought I should touch base and find out how things are going at your end. I look forward to hearing from you. Regards Bruce. This is exactly how I write some of the emails.

  3. You’ve reminded us of a very important point. Users who view someone else’s profile might also be prospective customers or clients. But it’s really important to make the connection first rather than doing some blatant promotion or selling something directly at this opportunity.

    Thanks for the nice article, Bruce!

  4. Ace here,
    I rather have someone view my Linkedin profile more than once and read through all my success and experience versus someone browsing to just hit me once send me a message only looking for a quick connection intro to their opportunity. I find that marketing method rude and spammy. Great post my friend!

    • It certainly helps that someone has taken the time to study your profile before reaching out versus just sending a request to connect with a view to marketing or selling something. The later option does not invest in the relationship at all. Glad you enjoyed the post.

  5. I’ve seen some really great connections and communications coming from engaging with those that have viewed your profile. Sharing these tips are very helpful and a good reminder that LinkedIn is an awesome platform to make connections and build your visibility. Another idea …. is to invite them to one of the groups you are in and letting them know how they can find some really good information and to meet others as well.

  6. Great article! I think it is so important and beneficial for lead generation to at least reach out to those who have viewed your profile. And if they don’t respond, nothing lost!

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