Have you uploaded your NEW LinkedIn Company page header image?

Now that LinkedIn has upgraded the company pages, how does this affect your company’s LinkedIn Strategy? Your corporate and employer brand will be just some of the things that your LinkedIn Strategy talks to. Your LinkedIn Company page is one of the first impressions that professionals have of your company on LinkedIn. These professionals will include potential customers, business partners and people you might be looking at hiring.

Your LinkedIn Company Header image
Have you upgraded your company page header image yet? You will need an image that best portrays your brand.   I love this company page setup. Its more visual and speaks to what LinkedIn is doing on the website. The website is easier to use and more engaging. The LinkedIn company image is very striking and one of the first things you spot on the company page.

The company header image will be one of the first things a visitor to your LinkedIn company page. In the few seconds they are looking at your page, you will want to communicate a message through the imagery that resonates with your brand. They say a picture says a thousand words. What will your image say about your company? What words will your picture say?

Here are a few tips for your company image

Your Brand
Remember this company header image is really about your brand. Does this image talk or represent your brand accordingly. If you are not sure what you should put why not check out other companies including your competitors and see what they are doing.

Crisp and Clear
The image must be crisp and clear. Think of a company image that captures the essence of your company. It can be an image that integrates your logo.

Must be original.
Make sure that you actually own the image or at least have the right to use the image. You don’t want to use a generic image for your LinkedIn Company page or use an image that can be found elsewhere on the internet. The last thing you want is to use an image only for someone else to claim copyright over the picture.

Upload it as soon as possible, fill in the blanks
Upload your image as soon as possible. Your company followers are visiting your company page and if there is no image that could be missed branding opportunity. You don’t want visitors to fill in the blanks about your brand with their image and assumptions.Take the initiative.

Here is what your LinkedIn Company page could look like. If you need help with your LinkedIn Strategy or LinkedIn  company page then get in touch with your LinkedIn Coach.

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