Should you use Twitter to post your LinkedIn Updates?

A number of people, because of lack of time, prefer not to log into LinkedIn Accounts each time they want to post an update. Instead they post their LinkedIn Status updates from Twitter. Unfortunately updating your LinkedIn Status from Twitter is not a good idea if you want to fully engage with your LinkedIn network. There are many limitations. Only LinkedIn members of your network with Twitter accounts can LIKE, COMMENT, FAVOURITE or RETWEET your update.

As LinkedIn Expert Crystal Thies explains in her article, by updating your LinkedIn Status from Twitter, you exclude from the conversation those people without Twitter Accounts and there are several people without Twitter Accounts.  Tweets going direct to LinkedIn have to be short and do not always suit the LinkedIn audience. These streams of tweets would appear in a LinkedIn Profile with no real LinkedIn interaction.

Here is the solution proposed by Crystal in her article:  If you’re only using LinkedIn and Twitter, then launch your status updates from LinkedIn and you can check the little box to send them out to Twitter. If you’ve tied your Twitter account to LinkedIn and you’re using the mobile app, then the status updates automatically go out to Twitter. If your social media activities include other social networks, then use a social media dashboard that allows you to post to each social network as if it’s an original status update.

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  1. Thank you for this, Bruce.

    I have a question, assuming one has a free account and is signed in, does LinkedIn include one’s own profile views in the profile view count?

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