Tighten control settings to manage SPAM in LinkedIn open groups

A number of groups on LinkedIn are struggling with SPAM ever since they decided to go Open. Being Open means that non members can view discussions from the group and even post comments. All well and good you might think but spammers are also being innovative. Instead of the more obvious self promotion by posting discussions which are easily detected, many spammers are resorting to posting irrelevant comments in discussions.  These comments are more difficult to detected than discussions. The default setting for LinkedIn open groups is that anyone on LinkedIn outside the group can post a comment and discussion without approval.

WHAT TO DO? – To prevent abuse from spammers LinkedIn Group owners and managers should tighten their control settings. This can be easily done by selecting MANAGE from the Group options and selecting GROUP SETTINGS. Change the default settings and make them more restrictive.  For instance you can indicate that anyone outside the group has to first submit comments and discussions for approval before they can be posted. This might irritate a few people but can help to weed out the comments that can spoil good group discussions. It might not be practical for a Group Owner and managers to police all comments.  This is where active and helpful group members are most needed.


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