Targeted company updates for all company pages on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has just rolled out targeted company updates to all the company pages on the platform. This is as many as 2 million company pages. By doing so LinkedIn adds a very important function to the company pages which is being able to narrow down who will read your company status updates in newsfeeds on LinkedIn. In April this year LinkedIn started testing targeted company updates with a few companies and the results have been great so far. Now all company pages on LinkedIn can enjoy the benefits of targeted company updates. This kind of targeting is extremely useful for anyone in the business-to-business (B2B) because it reduces the probability of irrelevant posts and updates, making the posts that do come through more valuable to your company followers.

Previously the company update went all the company followers which was quite a risk in terms of relevance. You can imagine a company like IBM with over half 1 million followers on its LinkedIn company page. How does such a company send out an update that is relevant to everyone? It doesn’t have to send an update to everyone, only the people it wishes to communicate with!

Company followers can include everyone
For instance company followers could include the following current and potential customers, potential recruits, service providers, competitors or any other professionals with an interest in your company. See you can see the challenge of sending out a company update without any filtering of the audience on LinkedIn. Company followers will receive updates are not relevant to the goals and objectives or career or business and will probably end up unfollowing your company. Less followers means less people with access to your brand.

More relevant updates
Using the new tools that LinkedIn is introduced, you can now target audience in terms of size of company, function, geography and seniority. This increases the likelihood of more relevant updates that your company followers are more likely to read. In addition to this LinkedIn now makes it possible to track the performance of company updates. This information can be used in your decision-making in analysis to refine your company updates on LinkedIn.

Example for targeted company updates
Let’s give an example of how the targeted company updates could be used. Going back to our example of IBM which provides not only hardware but consulting services across the world, it could decide to have an update on its data analytics services which is targeted at decision-makers across Africa. Using the filters the company make sure that only the target audience will receive the update. That’s update would have been of little interest to other people outside the specific audience.

Better quality of engagement
As companies are more targeted in their updates the quality of engagement and interaction with company followers will most likely improve. Corrective action can be taken if company updates are not producing the expected were desired results. That’s a company that provides various services and products across different geographies is not spoilt for choice in terms of criteria used to target followers.

Below are screenshots of the options that you get when you are targeting audience:

Selecting Targeted Audience when you have written your status update on your company page.

Decide the company size where your followers are

What industry are they in

What is their function. You can choose up to 10.

The level of seniority.

Lastly geography

Using all the information from the filters LinkedIn will only show your message to company followers who meet all the criteria. What are your thoughts on this new feature on company pages? Is this something you plan on using?


  1. This is an awesome tutorial, thanks for posting and I look forward to using this new functionality in LinkIn

  2. Targeted company updates’ – WOW, this seems to be a pretty cool feature for businesses. Thanks for walking us through the steps to use this LinkedIn feature appropriately.

    Very useful!

  3. Targeted updates! that is awesome. I didn’t know anything about this before your post Bruce. This is a great feature. I will definitely be using this! Thanks for such a clear explanation of how to use the Targeted Company Updates.

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