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22nd Oct 2015
Communicating in bulk with your LinkedIn Contacts

A Change to Communicating in bulk with your LinkedIn Contacts

LinkedIn has recently changed how they allow a user to communicate with a set of people in a bulk message. In the past, we used to […]
20th Oct 2015
How To Use Certifications on LinkedIn

How to use Certifications on your Profile

The purpose of our LinkedIn profiles is to demonstrate our expertise, experience, qualifications and value that we can offer to potential employers or clients. One of […]
29th Sep 2015
Desperation Star Wars

Don’t sound desperate on LinkedIn

I went on holiday some years ago, with a few friends. In our crowd there were a few couples, some of us had gotten married already, […]
16th Sep 2015
LinkedIn Groups Small Logo

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups are useful in so many ways. You can use them for: Reputation building Your own learning Creating awareness of issues or educating your audience […]
10th Sep 2015

Introducing your LinkedIn Social Selling Index

LinkedIn, like all the social media platforms, provides you with some statistics or analytics. Here are just some of the numbers we pay attention to: Your […]
11th May 2015
your pofile on linkedin

Poor Personal Branding

Your LinkedIn profile is one that every employer will check if you are applying for a decent job. You will do yourself a disservice, and possibly […]
1st Oct 2013

Your LinkedIn Profile Picture – Deal Breaker or Maker?

Your LinkedIn Profile Picture – deal breaker or maker? The world of technology has changed the dynamics on how people connect. Gone are the days when […]
25th Sep 2013

Business Development: 5 Tips on how to leverage LinkedIn.

LinkedIn: More than just a Social Network, a Business Development Tool While LinkedIn has proved helpful with talent acquisition, branding, mapping and recruitment, it has proved […]
4th Sep 2013

Interview with LinkedIn User Tracy S Lawler (2iC) – Business Strategy & Compliance Enabler

Interview with LinkedIn User, Tracy Lawler - Business and Compliance Enabler
24th Feb 2013

Interview with LinkedIn user Justin Vicars, online entrepreneur specialising in SEO

Name Justin Vicars Tell us a bit about yourself and your business or career I am an online entrepreneur who specialises in SEO search engine optimisation tactics […]
4th Feb 2013

Interview with LinkedIn user Samantha-Leigh (Olivier) Harper IT Career specialist

1. How long have you been on LinkedIn and how has been the experience like? WOW – for as long as I can remember. I love […]
4th Jan 2012

Posting several updates on LinkedIn every day? Really?

Keep the status updates on LinkedIn reasonable in number