Suggest a profile update to your LinkedIn connection

Do you have LinkedIn connections that you wish had more information on their profile? Maybe it’s one of those connections who do not have anything written   in their summary or only have information about their companies. Your connection might not have picture or some other important information in their profile.

Don’t assume, ask!

Instead of assuming what experience or education your connection might have, why not simply ask or make a suggestion on their profile for them to add the missing information. This will take a few minutes to do and could a lot more value in your interaction with your LinkedIn connection.

Suggest a Profile update

Why not suggest a profile update to your connection? This could help you to establish whether synergies with your connection might be viable. The additional information that they add could help answer the questions you have.  It also helps out your connection by helping them to market themselves better to their network.

Experience, Education, Other

Perhaps you think an update in the experience or education part of the LinkedIn profile would be helpful. If it’s something else then you can select the OTHER option when you are sending your mail to your connection.

Taking the time

Your connection will probably appreciate the fact that you actually took the time to have a look at their profile and was interested enough to ask. You making it about them and yourself. You are not selling products and products but taking necessary steps in improving your professional relationships.

Start a conversation, build rapport in your network

Suggesting a profile update could be a great way of just simply starting a conversation in your network and building rapport. Of course it should only be done when it is relevant.  Later on when you wish to discuss other issues your connection will know a bit more about you from your previous interactions.

Can’t see the option to suggest profile update?

Maybe you can’t see the option to suggest a profile update. Not to worry, just send a message to your connection using the messaging system in LinkedIn. That should do it as well.

More information, better decisions

As your connections put more information in their profiles, that should hopefully make it easier for you to make decisions regarding interactions. More relevant information makes it easier for you to decide how you interact with your connection.Happy Networking.

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