Stories are probably the best kind of content on LinkedIn now

Over the past few months I’ve been trying to figure out which is the best kind of content on LinkedIn. So I have been looking through posts going through my LinkedIn feed to see if I can pick up any trends. Every now and then you have these posts that get thousands of likes and comments and this is what I have concluded.

It’s all about stories

Stories are in my opinion the most popular kind of content on LinkedIn. By stories I mean the kind of content that takes you on a journey, something that inspires you. Stories capture the human imagination. Yes of course there will be one or two line posts that go viral but I have seen that seem to work when the person posting already has a massive following. A story can be completely visual but I prefer the ones with a fair amount of text. We are not always able to watch long videos during the day.

Not looking for dry technical content

It seems that people are not looking for dry technical data and content on LinkedIn. People are not looking for such on social media. We want to connect on social media and on a platform like LinkedIn it is content that must be relevant to our professional lives. Dry content can be found anywhere else on the internet.

What really resonates with people are stories and these are so much more powerful when they are being shared or told by someone you are directly connected to or someone in your network, someone who is connected to somebody you know. There is a sense of pride reading a story you are connected to.

What kind of stories

Stories that are inspiring, stories that bring out the best in people, stories of triumph, overcoming obstacles and adversity. These are stories about life really.

Don’t forget the visual element in stories

Even better when the story being shared has a picture or video to go with it. The visual element is a must. This is probably the first thing that people see on a story.

But why now?

But why are stories more powerful now than ever? For me the reason is simple. People have time. We have time to read. Life has in a sense slowed down. We have time on our hands and we could all do with a bit of motivation and inspiration. We face incredible challenges and the stories are a reminder of what is possible.

People are spending much more time online than before. During this time with the with Covid19 pandemic, people are spending more time on social media than any other point in time.

Companies like Facebook and Netflix and Twitter can attest to this. They have seen a significant increase in the amount of traffic and volume on their website and I believe that LinkedIn is no exception to this at all.

Do Stories have to be long?

No the stories do not have to be long at all like this post. Short and to-the-point will do the trick.

The challenge

When you want to share something on LinkedIn, what kind of a post is it? What kind of a story is it? All the best

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