Spring Cleaning on LinkedIn?

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Spring Cleaning on LinkedIn?

Doing a periodic check or review of your LinkedIn Profile.

Spring Cleaning Anyone?

If you had to do spring cleaning on LinkedIn what would that look like? Today I talk about just a few of the things that you might want to look at. We all need to take stock of our activities at some stage and our LinkedIn profile is no exception.

Value from LinkedIn

So what kind of value are you getting out of LinkedIn. You are getting to grow your network but what else? Is there any quantifiable business that has actually come out of your interactions on LinkedIn?  Have you found business partners or service providers on LinkedIn? What of Customers? Be strategic in your approach to relationships. What about the value you are adding to others?  Are you a valued member of the network.  Think long term in your interactions on LinkedIn.
Time spent on LinkedIn, Connecting and Goals 
How much time are you putting into LinkedIn and what are you getting in return? Are you just making connections or you are actually take time to know other professionals and what they do and possibly even meeting with them. Maybe now is a great time to revisit some of these things. Why did you join LinkedIn then? What do you want to achieve on LinkedIn as a member today? Your goals must be clear. Write them down!
Since you joined the network, have you made any changes to your headline. Maybe when you joined LinkedIn you were in Business Development but in the last 6 months you moved into Marketing and now your Headline is no longer relevant? Remember that your Headline can be more than just a job title. However, do not also fall into the trap of filling it with buzzwords of clichés.
Relevance of information in your profile
The overall information on your LinkedIn profile – Is it still relevant.  The way you have positioned yourself in your LinkedIn Summary and the specialties that you indicated, Are you still happy with those? How are you faring in the Keyword search. Do you still come out tops? You might need to tweak your profile to get back to visibility.
What groups have you joined?
You might have joined the 50 groups but how much are you taking part in the groups. You might be getting annoyed by all the mail you get from the groups. Well maybe it’s not only time to change your group settings but actually revisit all those groups that you have joined. It is very possible that you only really take part seriously in 5 groups or so. What of the other groups that have more than half content that is promotional content or job discussions. There is no problem with this if this is the purpose of the group but if not then there is a problem.
You need the LinkedIn Apps
How are the Apps working for you? Perhaps you want to share documents with your network that they can actually download from your profile. In that case I would say go with Box. It’s a great App where you can get notifications when visitors to your profile view or download your document.
Sometimes there is so much to during the spring cleaning but don’t be too tough on yourself. It takes time to achieve your goals. Rome was not built in a day. Be patient, you might have to do Spring cleaning many times before you start to get the kind of results you are really looking for.

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