Sharing content between LinkedIn and Twitter

Going forward you will no longer be able to update your LinkedIn status from within Twitter.  Tweets will no longer be displayed on LinkedIn starting later today (29 June 2012). This follows an update from LinkedIn via its blog on 29 June 2012.

What of the hashtags #in and #li

For  those who had synced their LinkedIn and Twitter accounts and selected the option to share Tweets on LinkedIn, those Tweets generated from Twitter will no longer appear on LinkedIn. Thus the hashtags #in and #li that were previously used to update LinkedIn status will no longer work for that purpose. If you use these hashtags in your Tweets, they won’t go to the LinkedIn updates  and newsfeeds as was the case before.

Initiate conversation from LinkedIn

You will still be able to tweet from LinkedIn. To do this you initiate the conversation from LinkedIn and make sure that you include your Twitter account when sharing the update. The Twitter account in question will need to have been added to your LinkedIn profile via account settings. For a Twitter update on a consistent Twitter experience please check out the blog.

Other changes regarding Twitter and LinkedIn

Apart from the updates mentioned in this article I am not aware of any other changes that will affect sharing content between Twitter and LinkedIn. How do all  this affect me? I write about the experience here.


    • I definitely think it will help to reduce the information overload. I actually wrote about this in the article after this one. You can still display your Twitter handle in your LinkedIn profile. I might cover this in my next article.

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