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Self Paced LinkedIn Training

For many people, LinkedIn is a challenging space to be. They know that they need a professional presence here to further their career goals, but they are unsure of what to post, how to connect and what to do. And although they believe LinkedIn to be of value, they don't want to sit through an entire one day course to learn things they don't believe that they need.

So your LinkedIn Coach has developed this short, 3 week, email course to take you through the most important part of LinkedIn - your own profile.

We will cover what you should say, what you should leave out, how to brag usefully, how to appear professional and be attractive to the correct audience and how to deal with endorsements and recommendations.

The emails will come to you once a week, for three weeks. In these shorter sessions you will be able to deal with a little at a time, make progress without feeling overwhelmed by everything that it is possible to do and be reminded each week that there is indeed progress to be made.

You may also select, with the email guide, to have your LinkedIn Coach do an assessment of your profile after the three weeks is done, or to have an online coaching session instead. Choose these from the three options below:

Bronze - email course

Silver - email course + assessment

Gold - email course + coaching

The prices for each option are reflected below. You may choose to book by email and pay in South African Rands, or to book via the PayPal web store option and pay in US Dollars.