Recommendations and Endorsements on LinkedIn

Will Rogers was once asked by a piano manufacturer to compose a short testimonial praising its products.  Rogers, unwilling to endorse any product which he could not personally test, replied thus: “Dear Sirs, I guess your pianos are the best I ever leaned against. Yours truly, Will Rogers.”


Recommendations are valuable when requested and given with sincerity and integrity. Rather than ask 200 people for a recommendation and sending the standard LinkedIn Template comment, request a recommendation from someone with who you have just done good business. Personalize the message and remind them of the objectives of the initial project or scope of work, and what you did as your part to achieve that for them. Then ask for a recommendation based on that, which will be helpful for your next potential client to evaluate your performance.

You may initiate sending recommendations to others who have shown outstanding performance too.

  • Can only be given and received by people connected on LinkedIn.
  • Will be sent via LinkedIn to the recommended person for approval before appearing on their profile.
  • Will appear on both giver and recipients profiles.
  • May be withdrawn (without notification to the recipient.)

To request a Recommendation

If you already have Recommendations, go to the bottom of your own Profile, find Recommendations, and as you hover over it, you will an option appear that says “Manage Recommendations”. Click that and then follow the Request option.

If you have not yet received any Recommendations, there are two options.

  • Go to RecommendationsEasy Option – Go to the Profile of the person from whom you are requesting a recommendation. You must be connected to them already. Click on the Arrow next to Send them a Message, select Recommend and you will get to the Recommend options – giving receiving and managing.
  • Complicated Option – Go the ‘engine room’ of your LinkedIn profile by Choosing Privacy and Settings from the menu option under your name (top right hand side of the screen). In the Settings screen, at the bottom of the third column, you will find Useful Links and one of them is Recommendations.

LinkedIn Engine Room


Endorsements are the LinkedIn equivalent of Facebook’s Like button. They are not nearly as valuable as Recommendations because it only takes a click to Endorse someone and say that “Yes, that person does this”.  It seems many people are inclined to give Endorsements for people with whom they do not have a professional relationship, which does undermine the value somewhat.

Again, they will appear on both persons’ profiles so if you do stumble across someone whom you think is worthy of note, you can give them an Endorsement. Think of it as “Recommendations Lite”.
Click on Edit next to Skills to Turn Off Endorsements.

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