Quick tips on Using LinkedIn to get a headstart in your new job

LinkedIn can come in very handy when preparing for a new job. Use LinkedIn to find out more about your new company and the people who work there. Use LinkedIn to get more information about your next challenge. This will help you to settle in more easily in your new role.


Browse and Study the LinkedIn Company page

In addition to the information you have seen on the Company’s website LinkedIn can provide much more through the LinkedIn company page. Here is some information you can pick up from the LinkedIn company page: Who works at the company, who has recently left the company and who has recently joined the company. Quite importantly you can also see how you are connected to the people at the company. You might even find additional information about your company that you would not have been able to pick up from other sources. LinkedIn will list all the employee profiles at the company who have LinkedIn profiles. Get a good idea of who’s who in the zoo just working through the profiles. Do you see anything that the LinkedIn profiles have in common?

Follow your company and read status updates

Follow your new company and stay updated on any news that is sent out. If you have time make it a point to try visiting the company page every few days in case you might have missed any company updates in case you fell out of the target audience.

Your new manager and colleagues

Look up your new manager and colleagues and get a good idea about their background and what it is they do. Have a look at their LinkedIn profiles and see what they are all about. You will probably get to know about this anyway but it could give you an edge in your relationships at work knowing a little more about everyone else and what has been going on.

Your predecessor’s LinkedIn profile

There is a good chance that your predecessor might not have updated his or her LinkedIn profile if you will be taking over from someone else. Get insights about your next challenge by studying the profile of the person who had the role before you. Look at their background and achievements. Do they have recommendations from anyone else at the company? Look at these recommendations and the profiles of the people who gave them.

Similar profiles in the industry

When you view the profiles of the people that you will be working with, LinkedIn will also suggest other similar profiles that viewers have looked at. Take a look at these and get an idea of other people in the industry

Find out about competitors

Using LinkedIn you can also find out who the competitors of your new company are. You might already know some of these competitors. LinkedIn can give you a bit more information. From the company pages, LinkedIn will also point you to other company pages that viewers looked at. This can increase your insight and understanding of the industry and dynamics.

Follow your competitors

After establishing who your competitors are, stay in the loop on what they are doing on LinkedIn by following them. Check out their company pages and their products. Browse the profiles of people working their especially those in the same field as you. When the companies’ send status updates you might get some of these.

Due to the volume of information that might be available you will have to use your discretion in how time you spend on all these activities on LinkedIn.


  1. Thanks for these tips! Using LinkedIn like this is a great way to get up to speed quickly in your new company.

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