Posting several updates on LinkedIn every day? Really?

Shooting yourself in the foot

If you post several updates a day on LinkedIn via your status update , you might be shooting yourself in the foot. The reason for this is quite simple. You might be taking up a lot of space on your connections’ newsfeeds. Because more of your updates appear, your connections will see less updates from other people. You run the risk of your connections hiding updates from you. If this happens then your efforts will be gone to waste. This risk is higher if your connection (on whom your updates appear) has a relatively small network and you are post much more frequently than other people in his/ her network.

Same updates

Compounding this situation is the fact that some people on LinkedIn used to post the same updates several times via Twitter, Groups and their own status updates. Following a recent change on LinkedIn, your Connections cannot comment or share your updates posted via Twitter unless they also have Twitter accounts. Following recent changes LinkedIn status updates can longer be done via Twitter.

No way of knowing if your updates are hidden

If a connection on LinkedIn hides your updates you have no way of knowing. So while you are assume that several people are actually reading your updates, nothing may be further from the truth. The best thing you can do to avoid if is to be reasonable in your conduct on LinkedIn. Several updates within a short space of time could be annoying to connections and might prompt them to hide you.

Manage the risk

One way to manage this risk is keep the number of your updates to a reasonable number each day, say 3 or 4. Make sure that you space these updates throughout the day. Avoid posting all 4 updates at once. If you keep your updates modest in number you avoid getting pushy and being in people’s faces and some connections will actually look forward to your updates.

Another way to help manage the risk is to keep your updates relevant to your connections. If you have several connections cutting across a number of different and unrelated areas or fields, you might want to personalise the interaction and probably send individual emails instead of an update that goes out to everyone.

How to hide updates

Hiding updates from connections is very easy. Just hover your mouse on the right-hand side of the connection and you should get an option to hide. Just click on that option and you won’t see anymore updates from that person. I believe that the chances of a connection making you visible again in their newsfeeds are quite slim as they really will have no way of knowing if you have since made any changes to your posting patterns.

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