Poor Personal Branding

Your LinkedIn profile is one that every employer will check if you are applying for a decent job. You will do yourself a disservice, and possibly lose a good opportunity if you play around on your profile.

Simple Errors

It is surprising how many people allow their profiles to contain simple errors – the kinds of thing you learn not to do in junior school, and the types of errors you would never allow on a hardcopy of your CV.  Remember that only a few people will see that piece of paper, but anyone on LinkedIn, any potential employer or client, can check out your online profile. Simple errors make you look unprofessional and like you have no concern for details or accuracy. Poor personal branding.


Only ee cummings can get away with having his name in lower case letters. And even he didn’t do that – it was his publisher.

Equally, writing your name or your job title in capital letters is a bad idea. Capital letters online is the equivalent of shouting. Rather than make someone stand out as important, it makes a profile appear immature.

There are separate fields for one’s first names and surname. But it surprising how many people put that information in backwards.

Spelling errors are appalling on a LinkedIn profile. While there are obviously different ways of spelling certain words, other obvious words that are miss spelt will immediately lower the tone of a profile.

Profile Photos

Your first mistake would be no photo. Besides the fact that the terms of use of LinkedIn clearly require a photo, without one you look either lazy or like you have something to hide.

The LinkedIn profile photo should be of yourself, formal rather than in beach wear, relatively recent so that you are recognizable and not with your cute puppy or gorgeous children.

Save the cute photos and baby photos for Facebook. On LinkedIn you need to look mature and professional.

Remember that the point of LinkedIn, whether you are looking for a job, looking for staff, or trying to connect with potential business partners or clients, is to appear professional and approachable. Profiles that make you appear unprofessional or unapproachable are a waste of time, and will do your brand no good.

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