Personalise your mails on LinkedIn

Have you ever received a mail on LinkedIn where your name together with several others is copied in the “CC” or “To” field? What has been your first reaction to this kind of mail?  You should personalise your mails on LinkedIn as much as possible. This is far more effective in my opinion than any email where every recipient can see that they are just one of many people to receive your mail.  You might be under a lot of pressure in an assignment and feel you just need to reach out to as many people as possible. This is a quantity mindset and you need to move away from it. It is not about the numbers. It is about engaging with others and adding value. For purposes of clarity in this article, personalising mail includes addressing a person by their name. “Dear Sir” or “Dear LinkedIn Connection” is just not good enough.

Privacy Matters – Many people are actually quite uncomfortable with having their details, especially email addresses,  being given to people they don’t know. By sending an email to many people at once and showing all the names in the CC or TO field, you are disclosing contact details in one go without consulting. Whatever you do on LinkedIn, don’t annoy your connections. This could  cost you in business.

Taken the time – It shows that you have taken the time to look at your connection’s specific needs and not jump lumped them together with many other people. Take the time to consider how your connection would benefit from your mail. Have you considered a win-win in your mail.It cannot be just about increasing your sales. What is in it for them and will they get the value out of it?

You are not lazy – You are not lazy to write an individual mail to someone because that connection and relationship matters to you. In a way sending the same mail to several people at once is in a way trying to be efficient. You send one mail to many but expect a response from every single recipient. Not bad!

Have a Template – If you have identified something that a number of your connections have in common and you realise that the same message would be effective then use a template. Why not just copy the basic message and personalise by including the name in your individual LinkedIn mail and maybe a few other specifics.

If you are worried that personalising mails is just going to take too much of your time you might be focussing too much on quantity instead of quality. Would you rather send 100 mails where 10 might respond or send 10 mails and be sure than 10 will respond.


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