Pealk, no LinkedIn API, the road ahead

Now that Pealk will no longer have LinkedIn API access after 26 June does this mean the end of Pealk? Definitely not!  Earlier articles on Pealk on this website included an interview the CEO and Co-Founder Boris Golden and a press release taken off the Pealk Website. The LinkedIn API development  may be a setback for Pealk but I believe that we will continue to have Pealk around though obviously a number of things will probably change for them in a big way. More time and capital will be required for Pealk to get everything back up to speed.  I would imagine that the App might go through a brief period of Limbo as they reorganise, strategise and prepare for a revival.

Reinvention required
I see Pealk reinventing themselves as a hunting App. I think their users already know what to expect from them and Pealk will probably seek to bring the same kind of user experience across the other platforms they are working on. According to a response quoted from Boris Golden Pealk will seek to find other ways besides API of accessing LinkedIn information for instance through a Chrome App. Thus far the App had been platform agnostic in terms of internet browsers. Perhaps there are plans to come up with something for the major internet browsers.

Talent and drive
The team at Pealk though very small is extremely talented and I am sure that they will find ways to stay alive. Thus far Pealk branded themselves as the Number LinkedIn 1 hunting App. I have little doubt that this will change as the App looks to work on other platforms as well. They might seek to port the work they have done already to other platforms. Technology makes all kinds of things possible.

Moving on to LinkedIn Competitors
Pealk CEO and Co-Founder Boris Golden has indicated that Pealk was already talking to LinkedIn competitors. I believe that the App will be promising if it can bring the same type of user experience to other platforms such as BranchOut and Beknown. BranchOut has been enjoying phenomenal growth and we can probably expect more of the same as Facebook increases. On the other hand I have not seen much of BeKnown and it would come as no surprise that much of BranchOut’s growth is coming at their experience. is keen remain relevant in the social media recruitment but they are really playing catchup at this stage and things are likely to remain likewise for some time.

API issues
I can’t help feeling that whatever platform Pealk focusses on going forward usage of the APIs may pose a risk and opportunity for them. It will be interesting to see how Pealk works with BranchOut and BeKnown while not posing a risk to them as competitors as well. BranchOut and BeKnown already have search functionality and Pealk will probably seek to make this functionality more efficient among others. The issue of APIs is becoming a topical one as seen by Facebook and Google’s relationship around this matter and the recent trial as well between Google and Oracle.

Conclusion – The months ahead should be very interesting ones for Pealk and all those who have been using the tool.

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