LinkedIn tweaks profile header look (UPDATED)

HOT OFF THE PRESS – LinkedIn has just tweaked its profile header look. I’m not sure if this update has been rolled out to all LinkedIn users but at the time of writing all the profiles I checked showed the new profile format. There doesn’t seem to be any new information in the new look, its more of summarizing and reorganising of information. My first impression of the new header was that it looked somewhat like a business card and a must say I quite like it.

CONTACT INFORMATION – One thing I really like about the new look is that the contact information is now right on top. In the past someone had to scroll down to the bottom for this unless the user had re-organised the order of information in the profile. The twitter account is now hidden and one has to click on contact to see it. Twitter might not be so happy with this. Here is what is looks like when you click on Contact. Compare this picture with the one above.

THE CHALLENGES – The latest update on LinkedIn highlights some of the challenges that social media authors have especially if they are going to have screenshots in the books. The material is rendered obsolete when changes are done on the website. If an author takes too long on a book on social media, there is a huge risk that by the time it comes out it will already be obsolete or in need or a significant revision.

GETTING MORE INTUITIVE – One comment I sometimes the about LinkedIn is that it is not user friendly enough or intuitive. I think LinkedIn with this kind of changes is making an effort to make the website more intuitive. Below is a screenshot of what the new header looks like.

What do you think about the new look?

The tweaks to the profile header seem to have been rolled back, for now at least. (17 May 2012, 2145 hours, GMT +2)

The new Profile header look seems to be back for some profiles and hopefully here to stay. (19 May 2012, 0955)

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