LinkedIn Today now available on Flipboard, a news application for the iPad

LinkedIn has released Linked Today on the Flipboard, a social magazine for the iPad that enables you to keep abreast with what your professional network is reading. Flipboard uses LinkedIn Today to generate content and provides it in a format that is user-friendly and intuitive. Given the rapid growth of the iPad market it makes sense that LinkedIn provides content to cater for this expanding market.  I am sure that it will be just a matter of time before we have a similar application for the Android-based tablets if there is isn’t one already. And here is the best part of it all: This great application is FREE!

In summary here is what you will be able to do on the Flipboard regarding news from LinkedIn:

  1. Find out what articles your connections are sharing, and who they are connecting with on LinkedIn
  2. Be up to date on the top news in your industry
  3. Get the latest stories from reliable industry sources you follow on LinkedIn Today
  4. For the busy professional, save articles on LinkedIn or on your iPhone and access them later from Flipboard

For those with iPads why not check out this application and send us your comments. Happy reading on your Flipboard! You can download it here.

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