LinkedIn – this and that

I have been on LinkedIn for a while now and in that time the platform has undergone a lot of changes. Having been a very early adopter myself, I made a great deal of noise about the platform earlier on. During the early days I had to constantly explain what LinkedIn is all about and how it is different from other platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Thank goodness that times have changed.

Shift in the conversation

Many people now know what LinkedIn is about and the nature of the conversation has shifted. It is no longer what is LinkedIn. It is, how can I use LinkedIn more effectively in my career or business. What do I need to do every day I go on LinkedIn?

As was the case before, having a profile on LinkedIn is not enough. Activity is required. It is still all about building relationships on LinkedIn. One could argue that relationships are becoming even more important now. As people get more inundated with updates from all the social media platforms, I believe that more effort is required now to make an impression in relationships.

LinkedIn in South Africa

South Africa has +6 million users on LinkedIn. That to me is a sizable position of the economically active population. It is not just individuals who are embracing LinkedIn in South Africa but companies as well. Many companies have invested in the LinkedIn HR total to better manage their human capital. LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful tool in accessing top talent across several fields.

I know that there are some companies that would not even consider hiring a person who does not have a LinkedIn profile. That is how much times have changed.

LinkedIn going forward

As internet gets cheaper and faster and devices more advanced, I expect even more people to embrace the LinkedIn platform and use to make a difference in their career or business.

Quick tips

Here are a few quick tips to get you going on LinkedIn

Set aside a few minutes for a post, comment or share on LinkedIn
Make time for LinkedIn every day
Keep your LinkedIn activity focussed and on point.
It is a give and take on LinkedIn. Take part in other people’s discussions and start your own.

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