LinkedIn talk to BNI Members on 15 June 2011

On Wednesday, 15 June I will be talking about LinkedIn to the BNI chapter in Kempton Park from 7.45am to 9.00am. I will talk about the advantages and benefits of using LinkedIn. I am very much looking to the talk. It will be a great opportunity to network, learn and share knowledge.

This invitation was of great interest to me because BNI is a networking organisation. One of the BNI members came on our LinkedIn Training Sessions and got some value. She thought it might be a great idea for other BNI members to find out how they could use LinkedIn in their business and careers as well.  I am really looking forward to the event. In preparation for the talk, I will find out more about BNI itself and possibly compare and contrast to a limited extent with LinkedIn.

Here is something copied from the BNI website:

We operate over 5498 chapters in Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland, Sweden, Israel, South Africa, Singapore and Malaysia. Over 122 468 members in 42 countries from a wide variety of businesses and professions make up BNI worldwide.

Our Philosophy
Our philosophy is summed up in two words: “Givers Gain”. By giving business to others you will get business in return.

Our Mission
Our mission is to teach business professionals that the word of mouth process is about cultivating professional relationships for the mutual benefit of all. If you are looking for a competitive edge for your business through regular, qualified referrals, BNI is ‘The’ organisation for you!

Our motto is Givers Gain, and BNI is “The” Business Referral Organisation.

If I were to offer to tell you how to increase your business by up 100% or more; Would you be interested?

BNI Members world-wide know how, and are reaping huge rewards. During 2010 R335 million worth of business was passed between just over of 1,455 members in South Africa. We have the system to measure these statistics – they are genuine.

Visitors to the website may be interested in joining BNI members to reap continued success in business this year, as in every other year. We have the tools and would like to share them with you. Three new chapters have opened this year and more are developing. Find out how to lock out your competition today.

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