LinkedIn Recruiter, The journey begins

Today is my first day using the LinkedIn Recruiter. What is LinkedIn Recruiter?  It is one of LinkedIn’s Talent Management tools for Recruiters.  I am very excited to finally get my hands on LinkedIn Recruiter.  It’s something I have been looking forward to for a very long time. While I have had training on LinkedIn Recruiter in the past and also attended various webcasts on it, today is the first time that it is in my account. I will in detail about LinkedIn Recruiter in the coming weeks  and months but for now let me share my first experiences.

But why LinkedIn Recruiter– As a LinkedIn coach I am in a much better position to advise current and potential clients regarding LinkedIn Recruiter as I now use the tool on a day-to-day basis. LinkedIn Recruiter is a great way to find and connect with passive candidates on LinkedIn. The tool will enable me to get unlimited access to names and full profiles on LinkedIn. The other important thing is that I will be able to expand my reach far beyond my personal network to search the widest, most qualified talent pool and get all details to better assess candidates.

Integration – The first thing that I noticed that is that the LinkedIn Recruiter account is integrated into my normal LinkedIn account. When I log into my LinkedIn Recruiter account I have a link that I can use to go into LinkedIn Recruiter. See before for what it looks like when I log into my account now. 

Separate login – A separate website link has also been provided for me to log in directly into my LinkedIn Recruiter account. This can be convenient when I want to to go straight into my LinkedIn Recruiter account without having to logging into my individual account.Same look and feel – When I had logged into my LinkedIn Recruiter account, it had the same look and feel as the ordinary LinkedIn account and was very intuitive. This means that new users will not have to worry about having to start from scratch with the tool. While the tool has many new features which will require training there are some that you can use rightaway like the search tool.

More insights to come – In the coming weeks and months I will share more insights from LinkedIn Recruiter with some case studies as well. LinkedIn has a number of webcasts scheduled for training on LinkedIn Recruiter and I will definitely be attending these to make sure I am up to speed on everything. If you need a free demo on LinkedIn or require a brief free talk on LinkedIn at your company, you can reach me on info @

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