LinkedIn Profile summary for you, LinkedIn Company page for company

Is it to state the obvious to say that the LinkedIn Profile is for the individual and the LinkedIn Company Page for the company? Let’s see. Some LinkedIn Profile summaries only contain information about the company and there is little reference to the actual person. There is no personality at all in such summaries. This is  a huge missed opportunity for LinkedIn users to market themselves to viewers who arrive at their personal profiles. There is ample opportunity in the LinkedIn Profile to mention and refer to the companies where one currently works and  worked in the past but to fill up the summary with only information about the company is not the best way to go about it.

Viewers looking for a person not a company

Viewers arrive at a LinkedIn personal profile to get more information about a professional. Instead they get to read dry impersonal information about a company.  This could influence someone’s decision if they were looking for a professional in a specific area or business. If information is needed about a company, they will look for the company and go through the company page.

More work and digging for the visitors to the profile

 Showing only company information in the LinkedIn summary gives the viewer more work to determine if they might have the right person. Time is money and sometimes the person will just move on to another profile which might be more effective. Very few people have the time to determine who the real personal is beneath all the company information given in a profile summary.

The LinkedIn Company page and LinkedIn profiles cross reference to each other

In any case the LinkedIn company page and LinkedIn profile cross reference to each other. Where the information has been correctly filled in someone can easily move from one to the other. This removes the need to make excessive reference to the company in the LinkedIn Profile and the individual in the LinkedIn Company page.

Describe the company in the company page

LinkedIn provides LinkedIn Company pages which are much more effective for showcasing a company’s products and services. There is so much information that can added regarding a company’s products and services. One can also add banners, videos and even customise the view depending on where the viewers are based.  If the LinkedIn Profile summary is used for the company then what is the company page used for?

More information about past positions

The same comment applies to the past positions. After the position the space below the position is to provide some brief information regarding the actual role and not the company. For more information, visitors to the LinkedIn Personal profile can click on the company and be directed to the company page.

LinkedIn Profile for the individual

Talk about yourself in the LinkedIn profile summary. While you might make reference to companies or industries you have worked in, this is only to complement the information you are already giving about yourself.

Personal Brand

Why is it important to use the LinkedIn Personal Profile for the individual? It’s really about  Personal brand,  the LinkedIn Profile is designed for the professional to talk about himself , his background and what he is currently doing and where he is working The LinkedIn Profile  is linked to the company page. When a person goes to the company page and they click on the personal profiles of the staff shown, then they will directed to the personal profile.

Avoid duplication

Where a company overview is given in the LinkedIn personal profile, the same information is usually given in the company page. This is unnecessary duplication that is to be avoided.

What about a sole proprietor?

What about a scenario where the person is also the business or a sole proprietor?  It could be still be argued that you could separate the individual from the one person business. The individual has a distinct personality and the business does not. That said an individual may not feel the need to even have a company page in this instance. I would still encourage an sole proprietor to have a separate company page which have several advantages in terms of positioning a business.

How effective in your LinkedIn Profile in providing information about you as an individual as opposed to your company?


  1. Bruce – Excellent article! I could not agree more about people joining people and not an opportunity. Everyone has their own story and that helps others get to know you a little better online if you share that story. Thanks so much for all your help with LinkedIn Bruce!

  2. Thanks for this article Bruce. I need to do some more work on my business profile, indeed I need to create one for this forex blogging company that’s in my head. These tips will come in handy once I’m busy doing so 🙂

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