Your LinkedIn Profile Picture – Deal Breaker or Maker?

Your LinkedIn Profile Picture – deal breaker or maker?Peter (1) The world of technology has changed the dynamics on how people connect. Gone are the days when you would go to a meeting with a prospective business client armed with only their name and the organisation they work for, nowadays as soon as the call is terminated we are busy tapping on Google searching information. We want to see which Social Networks they frequent but most importantly if they are on LinkedIn. Interestingly we look at the photograph and this formulates an opinion in our heads of the person we are going to meet up with.

LinkedIn being the “social” professional network calls for members to upload a “professional” profile picture. I’ve got to say that some of the profile pictures I have come across leave a lot to be desired. Also I have stopped connecting with with faceless profiles. Why? You want to network, so why hide your face? Profile pictures can be deal makers or deal breakers. Why you might ask? Well in this day and age of stalkers, serial killers and just downright valueless connections, having a visual is very important.

Well take a few minutes to go through this short check list and see things you might want to review about your profile picture!

  1. What is your photo conveying? 


    The quality of your picture shows whether you take yourself seriously. Uploading a grainy, and blurry picture speaks volumes of your deportment.

  2. Do you project professionalism?166880_500456721106_2927998_n I recently saw a picture of a guy giving his back to the camera. Now that’s a definite NO! Your profile picture should not be sassy, you with a beer bottle and drenched in alcohol, and any other such pictures. Such are perfect for Facebook and Instagram but certainly not for LinkedIn.

  3. Does your picture instill confidence?163993_483054236106_6438488_n I was looking at a connection request and as soon as I saw the “stone-cold” image staring at me I turned it down. Talking to a recruiting specialist friend of mine, she highlighted to me that she has had some talent profiles rejected by her clients on the basis of the lifeless, stoic LinkedIn profile picture. Even a mortician friend of mine has a very warm and welcoming profile picture so why can’t you?

  4. Bruce LinkedIn Head and shoulders

    Does it make you stick out like a sore thumb? And the most important question is….. “If I’m meeting you for the first time over a cup of coffee or you are waiting in the reception area with ten other people, can I recognise you easily, even in a crowded room?” 

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