LinkedIn New Year’s Resolutions

Over the next few days we will look at some activities you can take on LinkedIn to get your year started well.

Many of my coaching and LinkedIn training clients express a hesitancy to actually do anything on LinkedIn. I Neil Gaimanwant to encourage and challenge you to get involved and experiment. See what works and what doesn’t. Doing nothing on LinkedIn is almost as bad as having no profile at all.


  1. Just post something. Add to the conversation.
  2. Update your photos – Find a photo that looks like you are great to do business with
  3. Update your Headline, Title – No more Mrs Standard Bank.
  4. Update your Summary – Besides being a people person, who are you really?
  5. Ask for Recommendations – Ask someone to be a Praise Singer for you
  6. Join a group – Meet interesting people and have valuable conversations, or be a wall flower and take copious notes
  7. Do a little early spring cleaning – Get rid of the companies posing as people, and check for errors.
  8. Try out Slide share – You won’t believe everything you can do with it.




If you want me to check out your profile, feel free to drop me a message via this site, and I will have a quick look and let you know.

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