LinkedIn getting a new look?

LinkedIn is testing a new design for the website. The new look, when it comes out of test will be more intuitive and visual. Because the new LinkedIn design is in test phase, only some of the LinkedIn profiles and accounts are actually affected at this time. This will be one of the first major updates in years on LinkedIn. With this strategic move LinkedIn is looking at simplification on the website and overall just giving its users a better experience on the site

I first come across this news on Donna Serdula’s website. One of her own clients already had the new look. As Donna’s says on her website, some of the pages were still featuring the old design so maybe everything is still in flux at this stage.


There will be some changes to the colour theme on the website. The current theme is predominantly white but we are probably going to see dark colours on the site now. One of the other features of the new design is that the main menu bar will remain at the top of the screen as you scroll down. This will come in very handy as users can easily take action on the site.

This move by LinkedIn is very consistent which what came out of the First Quarter 2012 results announcements. At that time LinkedIn said that among its core themes for this year would be simplify and grow. With regard to simplify, it’s going to be pillar products that LinkedIn offers, areas like the home page, profile, search experience, et cetera. With regard to grow, LinkedIn stated that it was going to continue to optimize that experience, take friction out of the process and make it easier for people to join and connect.

When can we expect these changes?  I am not sure. Maybe in the coming weeks or months. All the same it is great to LinkedIn moving in this direction.

 Do you have the new LinkedIn design yet? If so what do you think about it? I would love to hear your comments.


  1. WOW! I think the new look is more visually interesting. As humans are visual creatures, LinkedIn has taken the right step to give its interface a design overhaul.

    Thanks Bruce for keeping us up-to-date!

  2. Thanks for the heads up on the new look…. lol I just signed in and yep! got the new look. I really like it 🙂

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