LinkedIn Job Application button for websites

According to Mashable, LinkedIn will be releasing a LinkedIn Application button for websites which enables job candidates to apply using their LinkedIn Profiles as CVs for resumes. This feature is to be rolled out in June 2011 on selected partner sites. LinkedIn continues to make it easier for other websites to enable integration with the site. Since the very beginning LinkedIn has been very strong in the  jobs space and this move will help to reinforce that.

Companies might prefer a LinkedIn Profile to a Cv for a number of reasons. A LinkedIn profile will give certain information about a candidate that might not be easily picked up in a traditional cv format. This information includes the following: How well networked and connected an individual is. This might make a huge difference in roles such as Sales and business development. Recommendations on a candidate’s profile could shed more light on the type of candidate being considered. The LinkedIn profile is a more dynamic record of the candidate’s experience and qualifications showing how the candidate brands himself in the social media space.

With all the developments in the social media space, I think it is just a matter of time before the traditional cv or resume as we know it, is obsolete. The change might take a number of years in South Africa but I think it is coming. These changes could render some business models ineffective especially in those companies where social media is treated as a fad.

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