LinkedIn – It is still all about the relationships

A number of things have been happening on LinkedIn. There are quite a few changes that have been coming through but for me one thing still remains the same.

That thing is the power and the importance of relationships in our careers and in our businesses.

Now, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that great things take time to build and relationships are no exception to this. Good relationships take time before we can do business with people in our networks.

We need to know,like and trust them and those things are not going to happen overnight. So how do we get to know people in our networks better?

Engage your network take part in meaningful conversations. Get to know your connections.

Start conversations, find out what people are talking about in your network.

Share, comment like things that you see which are of interest to you in your career and in your industry.

Now, you can never go wrong with a good relationship and as you build meaningful relationships in your networks, you are going to build trust people are going to know you and people are going to look forward to your insights to what you have to share.

All the very best as you continue building your professional and personal brand on LinkedIn. #LinkedIn

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