LinkedIn interview with Anastacia Hauldridge

In this article I interviewed Anastacia Hauldridge,  one of my first level connections on LinkedIn. She is  the “Ace of Social Networking” based in New Jersey, United States and the Host and Producer of the The Ahauldri Show which has been running for the past 2 years. You can view Anastacia’s LinkedIn profile here.

 How long have you been on LinkedIn and how has been the experience? I have been on LinkedIn for several years and my experience so far has been amazing, it’s been a life-changing experience. I have established and developed new friendships and new business relationships through LinkedIn. It has been rewarding to my business through the customers I have found. Since the beginning of this year I have found 50 clients through LinkedIn. The experience has been like a journey, where I met people who would be customers or potential business partners.

How much time do you spend on LinkedIn every day or week and what do you spend the time doing on the site? – This is a very good question Bruce and I want everyone to know how much time I spend on LinkedIn. Every day from 11am to 12pm I am on LinkedIn, just one hour in the morning. I use this time to go through all my emails on the site, responding to all of these. I respond to mail via LinkedIn from my inbox on the site. This is the only time I spend on LinkedIn during the daytime for just the task of checking emails. I do not log onto the site on Saturdays and Sundays.

I return to LinkedIn in the evening from 6pm to 8pm. At this time I am cultivating relationships in my LinkedIn groups. Whatever groups I am a part of I am communicating with other members. I am a part of several groups and I communicate with these members as I see fit based on the type of post or discussion that is being conducted.

What have been your biggest benefits of being on LinkedIn? – The biggest benefits from LinkedIn I would say are professional relationships in the industry. I have been in touch with some people for over 2 years who I met through the site. I communicate with some of the people on LinkedIn every single day. In my business I get a lot of traffic from LinkedIn. It’s actually in the top 3 websites that refer traffic to my website. One of my favourite books I can recommend that I learned this from is by my friend and author Gaspare Marturano, SocializeWith.Me . It’s available on Amazon and you can view his interview on Season 1 of The Ahauldri Show here

 Would you recommend whether someone should join LinkedIn with your reasons? Absolutely! You have to join LinkedIn. There is no way around it. It’s not for playing games. It’s about people who are serious about doing business from CEOs to managers. A person needs to spend 90 days on the site before they really start seeing results.

 What kind of advice can you give new LinkedIn members that are professionals and entrepreneurs? – The best advice I can give new LinkedIn members is to have a 100% complete profile so that other people on the site can take you seriously. Make sure that when you are communicating with other people, always treat them with respect and PLEASE DO NOT SPAM. You want to build rapport, a relationship must be first that is the Golden Rule of Social Networking.


  1. Yes, it’s absolutely true that LinkedIn is a more powerful tool for lead generation as compared to other social platforms. People using LinkedIn are more business-focused. While Facebook suits more for family fun, LinkedIn means just business.

    A nice interview with some really cool tips. Thanks.

    • Glad you enjoyed the article Obaidul. I am glad that LinkedIn has remained focussed on professional networking and not ventured into games and other personal stuff on the site.

  2. Thank you Bruce it was a pleasure to be interviewed today all the way from Africa, man I really am getting around the world aren’t I? LOL! We will stay in touch keep up the great work Bruce! See you again on Linkedin!

    Ace ♠

  3. Really nice interview Bruce!  Anastacia is awesome when it comes to social media.  LinkedIn is one of my favorite places to hang out daily.  Just like Anastacia said you meet serious business folks there.  I also like that she pointed out not to SPAM.  This is really important in any social site.  Thanks Bruce for the great interview and thanks Anastacia for some wonderful tips!

    • Thank you very much for your comment Patty. Glad you enjoyed the article. I was really impressed by Anastacia. She had many insights to share about her experiences on LinkedIn and Business in general.

  4. Congrats Anastacia!  You are a Rock Star!!!
    Dave Hobley
    Founder & CEO, Our World Enterprises

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