Headlines of new LinkedIn network members in Your newsfeeds

Important info in your newsfeeds

Have you noticed in your newsfeeds that LinkedIn now includes the Headlines of new additions to your network.  A Headline is a short description of what a person does, normally 1 line. It is not a full sentence but more like a tag line. For example my Headline is “Get More Out of Social Networks and Social Media in your Career or Business | Executive | Keynote Speaker | Consultant”.  The Headlines are different from job titles.   In the past LinkedIn only showed the names of new additions to your network. These names did not mean much on their own. The Headlines give invaluable additional information and you can quickly see what your new network members are doing. This is a small but significant change in the updates as I see it.

Small impact

One small impact of this additional information is that updates on new networks will take up a bit more space on your wall. This might mean you will see less updates in your newsfeeds at any given point but the benefits of the additional information in the headline should outweigh the disadvantages.

Your headline becomes more important

It becomes even more important to have a Headline that accurately describes what you do. You must be concise and a person should immediately know what you do when they see your Headline. Vague headlines like Independent Accounting Professional may not be very informative and useful to other members of your network.

Here is an of what your newsfeeds will look like:

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