LinkedIn Groups get API, finally!

LinkedIn has finally introduced the API for Groups. Until this point LinkedIn had restricted APIs to other features on the website such as the personal profiles, recommendations and company pages to mention but a few features.

What does it really mean to say API? It stands for application program interface. This is a set of routines,protocols, and tools for building software applications (definition copied from the net.)  What this simply means is that developers can build features on their websites which talk to LinkedIn Groups in a seamless way that gives a consistent feel. Hope this makes sense. Websites can pull information from the groups whether it is comments or discussions. These are just examples of some of the information that can be pulled from groups.

The introduction of the APIs for Groups by LinkedIn is in response to a request by LinkedIn Group owners for a new way to enable engagement within the professionals’ communities. Millions of professionals use LinkedIn Groups to interact every day. What API will make possible for professionals to interact and engage outside LinkedIn at no cost.  Until this point many websites have struggled to integrate LinkedIn Groups. API should make this much easier.

What features will be available with LinkedIn API? These include the following:

  • The ability to access LinkedIn Groups and enable your users to engage with professionals.
  • Integrate the ability to retrieve discussions, post new discussions, comment, like, follow posts, interact with group members and join the group.
  • Also, retrieve a user’s current and suggested groups.

We see APIs adding a richer element to the interaction by professionals. The APIs enable the groups to come very much alive and be a part of professionals’ lives outside LinkedIn. Developers will have their hands full as they try to make the most of this great innovation from LinkedIn.

Which groups will benefit from the LinkedIn APIs? – I believe all the groups on LinkedIn are in a position to benefit from APIs especially the ones that are already active and well maintained and moderated. The APIs present an amazing opportunity for professionals on LinkedIn to take their engagement to the next level. Make the most of it!

Where do you find more information on LinkedIn APIs – Click here.

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