One LinkedIn group rule to consider: Delete automated LinkedIn Group posts from tools like Hootsuite

LinkedIn group

We have recently adopted a new rule at our LinkedIn Group: Africa Social Media Social Coach. With immediate effect we have decided to delete group posts made from tools like Hootsuite and Sprout Social.

How did things get to this stage?
Looking at the posts over the past few months we were very surprised by the number of posts being made via tools like Hootsuite and Sprout Social. They far-outnumbered the other posts made by visiting the group.  What was more interesting was that the same people who posted religiously through these tools did not seem to take part in other Group Discussions at all. The posts were many and there was very little discussion arising from these posts in most instances. Good content is a great idea but if it becomes excessive then it now SPAM and no one loves spam. 

Unintended effects
Without doubt there might be some intended casualties of this new rule, those who occasionally post using these tools because it offers convenience and they wan’t to better manage their social media activity. At the end of the day one can’t be all things to all people but hopefully in striving for the common good, the overall quality of discussion and interaction in the group will improve.

What we hope for with the new rule
With the new rule, here is the message we were sending out to everyone in the group, if you want to post in the group please visit the group on LinkedIn. We feel it should work both ways with groups.  Post discussions and take part in discussions as well. How about some give and take. 

How did we implement the rule
We sent an announcement to all members of the group. Shorty after this, the announcement was also featured as a discussion which everyone will see. We will continue to moderate the discussions to ensure that they meet the quality standards in the group. Those group members identified as posting from the tools will be marked for moderation and all their future posts will be put aside for review before being visible to group members. A warning will be made to repeat offenders, and if the situation persists they may be blocked or deleted.

Let’s see how things pan out going forward!

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