LinkedIn will cut off their API access to Pealk on June 26 – PRESS RELEASE

I’ve just learnt via the Pealk website that LinkedIn will cut off their API access to Pealk on June 26. Without API access Pealk will not have access to the LinkedIn profiles. Below is the full text of the press release. I interviewed Boris Golden, the CEO and Co-Founder of Pealk just over a week ago. You can find the interview here.

Press Release

PARIS, France, June 21, 2012 — The startup Pealk has no choice but to take
note of LinkedIn’s decision to cut off their API access on June 26:

Pealk sincerely regrets to inform you that The #1 Hunting App’ for LinkedIn
will be no more available as from next Tuesday.

We would like to thank all of our users for their support. They have helped us
to build a better product day after day. Our team is proud and happy to have
delivered a compelling product to thousands of users worldwide.

It is true that we are extremely surprised by LinkedIn’s decision, since such
conclusion contradicts LinkedIn’s statement to open their platform to outside
innovation through their API. Given Pealk’s recent success, we believe that
this decision also goes against the interests of number of LinkedIn members
lacking a productivity tool to search, sort and engage professionals on

We will of course continue our efforts to pursue the development of Pealk and
defend its successful originality. We know that this is just a goodbye for now.
Stay tuned.

About Pealk
Pealk is a startup founded in 2011, offering a creative and unique “search
curation” technology. Pealk has developed The #1 Hunting App’ for LinkedIn,
a fast-growing application making it extremely easy to find and contact
professionals on LinkedIn. Two months after its launch, Pealk serves
thousands of users in more than 30 countries. Its application has been
praised by users and social recruiting experts around the world.
For more information about Pealk, please visit

Press Contact:
Boris Golden, +33-650-706-915


    • No it wasn’t what I showed you on Saturday. What I showed you was the LinkedIn Recruiter which is a Talent Management Solution from LinkedIn. Pealk is another company that developed an App for LinkedIn.

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