Using LinkedIn for Content Marketing

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LinkedIn, the professional social networking site is the a great  place to share content but one needs a clear  strategy to engage on it.  As a professional social network, LinkedIn has become the biggest platform to drive sales and increase revenue. Why is this you may ask? Well take a look at the following statistics:

80% of LinkedIn users are involved in the procurement process either as an influencer or the one who makes the purchasing decision. Such figures make it unwise to ignore the enormous power that LinkedIn wields in driving revenue and increasing sales, but the trick on how to leverage on this lies in CONTENT MARKETING. Did you know that content which is published on LinkedIn generates six times more undertaking and interest than job updates?

64% of LinkedIn members look forward to content updates which are both informative and insightful. Primarily for their professional development as it is a professional social network and also to see how they may grow their network and yield from it as well. With all the content being shared on LinkedIn, it has become an asset in the hands of the B2B communicator. The 10 following tips from LinkedIn’s own Will Hambly at #INBOUND 13 will enable you to get the most from LinkedIn’s content marketing space:

1. Make your updates concise.

Users engage with content that is short and sweet. So make it a K.I.S.S. (keep it short and simple)

2. Create links to your Updates.

Updates which have links statistically have twice as much engagement to those without. Drive traffic to your website, blog and other social media marketing channels by linking your LinkedIn updates.

3. Have a call to action which is in line with your content strategy.

With so much content overload, people need you to tell them what you would like them to do with the information they are consuming.

4. Pose a thought-provoking question.

A question is a great way to get feedback from your audience but too many questions will drive them away. Your content update is not an exam neither is it a task.

5. Embed images into your updates.

LinkedIn’s updates fused with images have a 98% engagement rate than plain text updates. Pinterest and Instagram bear evidence of the power of visuals.

6. Incorporate links to YouTube for an increased share rate of up to 75% than updates without videos.

YouTube, the number two search engine, plays directly from the LinkedIn stream, so your audience are viewing your video without departing from your update and thereby creating greater engagement. So like # 5 above, find ways to benefit from the use of video when marketing your business or your non-profit organisation.

7. Provide consumable and fun content.

You want your audience to read, be engaged and be activated into action which includes telling their friends. Package your content in such a manner that it’s like a mini skirt; long enough to cover the essentials but short enough to retain the interest.

8. Have a set editorial calender for LinkedIn content.

Take time to plan and develop a strategy which is implemented with “ruthless” efficiency. The best content marketing strategies are well thought out and have a masterly-crafted execution plan. Everything has to be relevant to the strategic goals of your marketing program.

9. Keep the communication stream flowing.

By engaging with your LinkedIn members by responding to their comments on your updates not only are you acknowledging the feedback from your target audience but a sound platform to cement existing relationships and a launch pad to new ones.

10. Track it.

By tracking your links and updates, you will be able to see what works and what doesn’t work in your marketing strategy. If you are the one-size fits all type person then a tracker is what you will definitely need to see which platform is generating traffic for you.

Suffice to say that LinkedIn is a powerful marketing tool. When building your next content marketing strategy and drafting the plan of execution, carefully consider how LinkedIn can best support your campaign and generate tangible ROI.

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