Get insights using the Poll feature in LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn has  a great feature in the Groups, the Poll feature that gives you a great way of getting insights from your network.  With the poll feature you have yet another way to start conversations in your LinkedIn Group.

The feature is very easy to use and is made up of very basic steps. It is really a few minutes that you need to set up a poll. Just to clarify the you run is a simple one not be confused with detail polls where you can have several questions and answers.

Here are the 3 steps for the poll

Ask a question. 

What is the issue that you would like to find out about from the LinkedIn Group members. The question should be clear and straightforward, not ambiguous and prone to different intepretations.

Specify up to 5 answer choices. You indicate 5 possible answers for the question that you have asked. As you enter each choice, you will get an option to add more until you have reached the maximum of 5.

Share. As soon as you have entered all the information, you are now ready to post the discussion. If you have a Twitter account, you can also send a tweet regarding the post. Use the viral effect of social networks to get as many people as possible to know about the poll that you are running.

You can determine how long your poll will run for. As people take part in the poll, the App will generate results based on the information submitted so far. The LinkedIn App provides a simple way to gauge views on a number of things.

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