Just Post Something to LinkedIn

This is the hardest one, and we are going to start with it. Why? Because if 2017 is going to be a year where things change for you on LinkedIn, then best we dive right in and tackle the biggest issue first.

LinkedIn members can be Passive (just update your profile and accept a few connection requests), or Proactive (join Groups, reach out to potential connections) or Purposeful (identify potential clients, nurture relationships etc).

Passive members will seldom post anything other than updating their own profile. Proactive members may post the occasional status update, share a link or comment on something in a Group discussion.

But it you want to get the most out of this amazingly versatile platform, then you may way to aim to be Purposeful – a user who logs into LinkedIn with a purpose in mind, who researches, responds and then adds to or initiates conversations of value.

Lets look at the two normal posts you can do you from your own profile.

You can do a simple status update.

You can post an observation about your industry, news about your company, a request for information or you can share a link from your own company site or some news site.

Bonus tip – When you share a link or a URL, from another site, once you have pasted it, wait just a moment for LinkedIn to find the page on the internet, and to access its meta-data. You will see that when an image appears, a headline and then the first bit of content from the page you are referring to.  Once that appears, go back to your Yoda Do or do not. There is no try.text box where you pasted the content, and delete the url that you pasted. The link is still there – in the content below – but now your actual text looks a great deal neater.

What if no content appears when you paste that URL?

Then it could be that the meta data has not been updated on that website. If it is yours, then you have some work to do, but if it is not, then there is not much you can do about someone else’s website.

Blog posts

Once you have got used to posting status updates, then you should try a blog post.

Obviously blog posts on your own website are essential for the SEO value, but there is value in posting to your LinkedIn profile too.

Think of your LinkedIn profile and your website as two separate properties. Your website is your virtual head office and your LinkedIn profile (and your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc profiles) are all your virtual sales offices.

Of course you want your best content at your head office. You need people to see what you are about, how you or your product works etc. But not everyone you do business with will come to your head office every time. That’s why we have regional sales offices. So for the sake of people hanging out in the very upmarket LinkedIn neighbourhood, you want to have some reasonable content there too.

How to write a blog post? What to write?

That’s a big question, but my suggestion is two-fold. Firstly, spend some time reading what others are writing on LinkedIn. You will see what you respond to – what works for you and what you don’t like. Write something about your subject, your product, industry of company, along the style of what you do like.

Secondly, just write something and post it. We stress far too much about what people will think. Stop being like a seventeen year old, blond girl, and just post your thoughts and ideas. Some people will like them. Some won’t. You can’t please everyone. But the chances are, if you are sincere and your product and service are good, that you will connect with someone. And that someone is way more important than the other people who ignored it.

This is my biggest recommendation for your 2017 LinkedIn resolutions – Just post something!



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