Interview with LinkedIn user, Phumlile Nkomo, Chemical Engineer and Project Manager

Phumlile Nkomo, chemical engineer and project manager

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Sho, I actually find it difficult to talk about myself. Like, what exactly is it that you want to know? It would be easier if you asked me about process engineering or managing people😂😂.

So, I’m a bubbly individual who is delivery orientated. I like to have a sense of accomplishment at the end of each day and I have a lot of energy.

I’m a natural leader and love talking to people. I have invested time and resources in understanding the 4 main personalities so that I am able to communicate effectively with all people.

I love a happy environment, I like making people smile and laugh. I enjoyed organizing baby showers and Boss’ Day celebrations. I believe all people have something to offer and it’s about communicating at the frequency that they understand.

When did I start using LinkedIn and what’s my experience been like?

I hope some people can relate but I actually had a dormant LinkedIn profile for several years that I eventually deleted and started again from scratch.
To be honest; initially I interacted on LinkedIn like I do on Facebook so I think it was a great idea to delete the profile and start again. I had little understanding of what it actually meant that LinkedIn is a professional platform.

After my “official” sabbatical time I got onto LinkedIn earlier this year and just started building a following.  I did start with my Facebook friends and expanded from there. As with Facebook, after getting into the momentum of connecting with people, the requests to connect gain momentum as well. 

I’ve found LinkedIn very informative and have actually found an interest…#4IR. And I definitely enjoy seeing all the new applications of technology in the various sectors.

I enjoy seeing progress in Africa and am impressed with Rwanda’s leadership and what the country is achieving.  LinkedIn has become a great source of information for me.

Why did you actually join LinkedIn?

Several years back I wanted to change companies and I believe that was the motivation for the initial profile. This year was to connect with people and get opportunities to get back into the job market.

What have been the Positives so far on LinkedIn?

I’m made extensive connections with some great people; not the least coach Tendai Mubayiwa 🤪. There are people who have made a real impact on me, reading their stories has resonated with me and given me such hope. Dr Thandeka Mazibuko is currently at the top of the list as an inspiration person that I can relate to; to a certain extent.

My growing interest in #4IR is 100% LinkedIn inspired and with a bit of time investment this could be a career path for me in the future.
I’ve also continued my connection with Amanda John who is the pioneer for educating South Africans financially. We initially connected on Facebook and our online relationship is flourishing… I hope she agrees 😊

I also love following Gary Vaynerchuk, his potty mouth reminds me of the construction days and I sense he’s a bit of a nostalgic soul….

What kind of value are you bringing into LinkedIn

I add my thoughts, ideas and insights to discussions on LinkedIn. I am not afraid of weighing with different angles and thoughts on topics I am passionate about

Can you share 3 tips that have helped you on LinkedIn

A professional profile picture with a smile. I see a lot of pictures in LinkedIn which I believe aren’t suited for the platform. I encourage people to invest in one professional shoot that they can use for various platforms and profiles.

Connect with friends/followers from other platforms that you’ve built. When I started on LinkedIn I already had over 1000 friends on Facebook. So the easiest way to build your network on LinkedIn network is to leverage any network you already have.

Invest in a LinkedIn coach. A professional profile is different from the other social media networks. The rules are different and the language as well is different. Something as simple as the reactions need some thought and strategy to them. So you can wing it but I’d recommend the straight line distance which is through a coach.

How do people get hold of you

I am available on mobile on +27817392268 for professional and networking purposes. I know I’ve got a killer smile but that’s not the purpose for this platform. And people can drop me an email on

 I’m actually in full motion with a business for microdots. This business is the only black owned microdot manufacturing and application in South Africa. I’m very excited about the business and am looking forward to seeing this baby grow.

I am open to engineering management and project management opportunities.

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