Interview with LinkedIn Coach Noleen Thompson

Tell us a bit about yourself 

I have been involved in Training, Sales and Marketing for over 21 years and seen all the changes in this space.

I am someone who has always loved to add value to those around me. I am Mom, I love the Lord, and passionate to help people overcome their fear of LinkedIn and learn how to maximise it for sales and their careers.

How did you get involved with LinkedIn coaching? 

I started using LinkedIn by accident about 10 years ago. My executives asked for a list of CIOs and we only had HR and Training managers. Needless to say, I went to Google and found I had a LinkedIn profile. I started seeing the power of the network as a database at first (as I was a fantastic cold caller too). This database isn’t maintained by yourself, but by your client or prospect!

I then started seeing the ways of engagement that worked in LinkedIn and started sharing with my colleagues to the point that I was running in-house training and setting up friends LinkedIn pages etc. I then felt it was time to go out on my own and help others to use this social selling tool better.

Why should somebody join LinkedIn? 

Is this a trick question? It’s like asking, why do you want a job? If you have a job, you should be on LinkedIn. If you want to further your career, you should be on LinkedIn as recruiters look there first. If you have a business, you should learn how to use LinkedIn as it DOES generate sales if you do the right things (no spamming message – that doesn’t work)

Are there any trends that you’ve picked up on the usage of LinkedIn in South Africa?

LinkedIn has definitely found some great traction in the South African and other African markets. It was slow even up to 2 years ago, but now is the time to learn how to engage in conversations on LinkedIn. I see more and more recruiters posting positions and looking for talent on LinkedIn.

Some people are not sure what to do when they join LinkedIn. What do you advise? 

Firstly, become an “All Star” profile. In other words, follow the LinkedIn prompts and fill in all the information you can about yourself and your career. Then, go to my profile articles and see for some tips on setting up your profile as well as some sales tips.

Some people are still undecided about being on LinkedIn. Any advice for these people? 

Yes, Just do it! Find the time or get someone to help you but get active as sales has changed and you either need to adapt or you won’t have a business in 5 years!

How do people get hold of you? 

LinkedIn of course! There is also, my website and Twitter, and Facebook and Google. We have the solution for even those who don’t want to actively do their LinkedIn themselves!

Thank you so much for the opportunity to share a little about what I am passionate about! Appreciate it Bruce!

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