Interview with LinkedIn user Samantha-Leigh (Olivier) Harper IT Career specialist

IT Career Specialist at Nu Beginnings
IT Career Specialist at Nu Beginnings

1. How long have you been on LinkedIn and how has been the experience like?
WOW – for as long as I can remember.
I love LinkedIn. I am sure most recruiters do – however it is always so nice to be able to research clients you are calling, or going to meet – or aspirants replying to adverts. I just feel LinkedIn gives a great first impression.

2. Tell us a bit about yourself and your business or career
I own Nu Beginnings – we are IT Career Specialists.
I am very passionate about the industry and the work I do. I am doing my best to change how things are done at the moment – so watch out for us 😉

3. How does LinkedIn fit in your career or business?
I connect with clients. I connect with possible aspirants who need assistance or people I just like to follow with their career progression. The Group pages are fantastic with connecting to like minded people and also getting great ideas. I also follow Companies – interesting to see their blogs, hires and interests.

4. How much time do you spend on LinkedIn every day or week and what do you spend the time doing on the site?
As I walk into the office I login to LinkedIn. I switch off when I go home 
I keep my Twitter account open too – however it’s not very active. I search on LinkedIn all the time.

5. Would you say you are an conservative or aggressive networker and why?
Definitely conservative. I am very aware what people think of recruiters and sometimes this does make me very embarrassed or shy.

6. What have been your biggest benefits of being on LinkedIn?
Connecting with people I do meet at Networking events or meetings. You don’t want to use Facebook as it is very personal. So I find LinkedIn perfect for business. I hate to say it but searching for skills – I have met some amazing people through LinkedIn, which I would never have found, anywhere else. ( I probably shouldn’t tell other recruiters that, lol )

7. Would you recommend whether someone should join LinkedIn with your reasons?
In our industry, there is a very fine line. I was sent an inmail the other day that one of our aspirants received from a recruiter – and it was tactless. The aspirant was livid. So yes, recruiters should use LinkedIn – however you cannot spam everyone that has matching words on their profile.

8. What kind of advice can you give new LinkedIn members that are professionals and entrepreneurs?
Be careful who you link to and your reasons. I personally cannot stand when someone wants to link with me and there is no sync – I don’t think that is the purpose of LinkedIn.

9. Any examples of success you have achieved using LinkedIn?
We have placed some AWESOME aspirants. We have been in contact with fantastic people. And we have been endorsed, recommended and promoted on LinkedIn – great marketing.

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