Interview with LinkedIn user Kobus Venter, Web Designer and owner of Pixelweb

1. How long have you been on LinkedIn and how has been the experience?

I have been a member since January 25, 2007, but only recently discovered the true value and power of virtual networking after collaborating with a LinkedIn Coach. Once I created my LinkedIn Company Page it improved my personal profile as well in terms of visibility and positioning. This in effect made all the difference in terms of how people connect and interact with me – increasing my connections to over 200 in a very short time.

2. Tell us a bit about yourself and your business 
I am the owner of Pixelweb, doing web design and hosting for more than 10 years now. I offer personal service tailored for the individual business owner, start-ups, home or corporate clients.

My continuous focus for the past 11 months has been on OneWebPage  – an exciting product that I have created with a group of experts, allowing any business to get a webpage quick and easy. We don’t charge design fees. There are no contracts. Free local domain for life*. You pay only R99/month for hosting and email services.

This is not the typical frustrating Do-it-Yourself system. We have put together all the crucial elements that a professional looking website should have – SEO friendly, keywords, social media integration, Google analytics. All we need is your logo and content. The OneWebPage is built on the latest HTML5/CSS3 responsive technology – allowing your webpage to be viewed on Mobile phones, iPads, Android Tablets, Laptops and desktops! It works amazing. It loads fast. It looks professional. Get online. Get found. Get more business. OneWebPage – it`s all you need!

3. How much time do you spend on LinkedIn every day or week and what do you spend the time doing on the site?
I spend at least an hour early in the mornings going through the inbox and requests to connect. Throughout the day I would also respond to mails or requests. I recently installed the LinkedIn mobile app on my phone – wow! – Works great. Now I stay in touch real-time. Furthermore I belong to several groups following topics that I am interested. For the future I plan or hope to become the “go-to” web guy – if people are looking for advice on web design or hosting. Information is free. We should share it – especially if it is your field of expertise.

4. What have been your biggest benefits of being on LinkedIn?
My biggest benefit I would say is connecting to business professionals and other entrepreneurs, sharing expertise and advice. LinkedIn platform makes this process very easy. I also find a direct relation on Google searches. Whenever you place an article, refer to your website link or business page profile – you get the search engine benefit. I have not tried the paid advertisements yet – but plan to do so still in this year.

5. Would you recommend whether someone should join LinkedIn with your reasons?
Absolutely. Every new client I acquire – I recommend and assist in setting up their LinkedIn profile. This in return also helps with search engine strategies implemented and establishing yourself as an expert in your industry.

6. What kind of advice can you give new LinkedIn members that are professionals and entrepreneurs?
Make sure your LinkedIn profile is complete. Post your best looking professional photo.
Social media platforms make the internet personal. You can see who and what the person is without a physical meeting yet. Setup a meeting if possible – it takes your connections to the next level.

Create your BUSINESS or PRODUCT page.
If you have any doubt about your effective use of your LinkedIn profile – get the services of a social media professional – it makes a huge difference overall about your active networking and interaction. I use LinkedIn daily and now on my phone. Stay connected. Share information. Be helpful and friendly, and business will come your way.


  1. Very good interview Bruce. It’s always interesting to me how each person uses this social site. Thanks for sharing!

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