Interview with LinkedIn user Justin Vicars, online entrepreneur specialising in SEO

Justin VicarsName Justin Vicars

Tell us a bit about yourself and your business or career
I am an online entrepreneur who specialises in SEO search engine optimisation tactics online. My company SEO Tips Spot  offers local and international business an opportunity to use our services or be trained and coached to online success. We cover search engine optimisation tactics and social media optimisation tactics and teach people how to positing, brand and market their businesses online. Placing their business on top of Google’s front page in front of targeted traffic.

How long have you been on LinkedIn and how has been the experience like?
I have been on LinkedIn since 2010, although I have never used it, my partner uses this platform to the best of her ability. She networks using LinkedIn and most of our business has come from this platform.

What are you doing to be visible on LinkedIn or this is not big priority for you.
Not a very big part of my day, as Lucille Divine my business partner uses it to network. However I do use it daily to connect and share with others.

Can you recommend at least 3 groups on LinkedIn and why?
I am not an avid group follower.

What are the first 3 things you look at when you visit someone’s profile on LinkedIn?
I look at who they are, and recommendations. I also take a look to see if they have optimised their LinkedIn, and offer my help if they have not.

How does LinkedIn fit in your career or business?
My business partner uses it mostly to network and find new business, I then take over and help position their brand and start developing online marketing and promoting tactics.

How important is it to you to interact with your connections outside LinkedIn(via email, telephone, meeting)
Imperative, I like meeting all my network. Because it helps establish trust and also gives me an opportunity to see where I can help them. Either a coffee meeting with local businesses owners or a Skype call is a must. It helps close deals.

How much time do you spend on LinkedIn every day or week and what do you spend the time doing on the site?
Weekly I spend roughly 2 hours tops.

Would you say you are a conservative or aggressive networker and why?
I am more of a conservative type.

What have been your biggest benefits of being on LinkedIn? (quantify if possible)
LinkedIn is a powerful networking platform that connects professional together, and for that main reason I use LinkedIn for my business. Together with my partner we have turned five figures business using LinkedIn as a networking tool.

Would you recommend whether someone should join LinkedIn with your reasons?
Yes I would recommend LinkedIn because it is a powerful business to business platform.

What kind of advice can you give new LinkedIn members that are professionals and entrepreneurs?
Cut out the fluff and keep what you do to a simple explanation. Network as you would at a regular event.

In your opinion how LinkedIn is different from other networks and what value does it offer.
It’s a business networking platform that you can use to meet other business owners, and as such is a value networking tool to grow you business.

What is the best way to get hold of you?
Cell:                             0793359534


  1. The linking to the subject’s website does not work 100%. You might wanna look at fixing that. The subject uses a WordPress plugin named SEOPressor on his own business website.. which is very effective. How are we to believe that he actually knows SEO and does not rely on off-the-shelf software that his clients can also just buy and do everything he does for them? Just thinking aloud..

    • Hi Arthur, Justin here, great questions and observation here. The SEOPressor is simply a tool I use for articles. However it does not tell you what keywords or keyword phrases to use, it simply rely’s on you knowing what your niche keywords are and can optimise that. Using SEO tactics is not just about writing articles and using SEOPressor, its about knowing what keywords to use, which your targeted audience is already using to search for you online. While I only use organic SEO methods, I still have to know where to place keywords on your website as well as how to optimise your social sites. And you might know that keyword stuffing is frown upon with search engines, so making sure that this has been used correctly is essential. Search engine optimisation is a science not a tool.

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