Integrating LinkedIn into day-to-day business

How much do you actually use LinkedIn on a day-to-day basis in your business? Granted that you might not spend a lot of time on LinkedIn itself but there are ways of using it every day in your business. Let us look at some of the ways that you can use LinkedIn every single day to get more customers, connect with past colleagues and associates, get more business partners and valuable contacts, increase awareness of your brand and hopefully get more profits.

Look them up on LinkedIn before meetings

You have just scheduled a meeting for next week with someone who could be a customer of yours. Have you taken time to look them up on LinkedIn and see what they have done before, what they’re currently doing and the kind of person that they are basically? This could provide important information for you as you prepare to interact with them.

LinkedIn Applications for Outlook or Gmail

Do you use Apps like Rapportive for your Gmail which will show you if someone has a LinkedIn profile when you receive an email from them? There is also something similar for Microsoft Outlook. Some of these Apps actually show if the person has a profile on a number of social networks but of course here we are only focusing on LinkedIn.

Connect with customers on LinkedIn

Let us suppose that you been doing business with someone for the past two years. There is a good chance that if you have been doing an excellent job that they will refer more business to you. However, have you ever stopped to talk about other contacts that they have? Why not connect with your customer on LinkedIn and in so doing find another way of not only keeping in touch with them but also seeing who else they know that you might want to connect with and possibly do business with.

Get recommendations from your customers

Ask your past and current customers for recommendations on LinkedIn. You can only get recommendations if you are connected to someone on LinkedIn. If you are not very comfortable getting recommendations from your current customers because of concerns about your competition then maybe focus on past customers that you might not be actively doing business with.

Request introductions from the people that have done business with

After connecting with your past and current customers on LinkedIn take time to browse their networks and discover who else and what else they know. Study their LinkedIn network and see who else you would you might want to be connected to and using LinkedIn introductions request an introduction from your customer and expand your network. E-mail and call your new contacts at some stage and see how you can have win-win relationships with them as well.

LinkedIn details on your website and email signature

You probably have a great website with lots of daily visitors but have you also included your LinkedIn details on your website as well? These are the details of your company on LinkedIn so that from your website visitors can easily also follow you on LinkedIn. As more people follow you on LinkedIn more people can stay up-to-date with what’s happening at your company and it also increases brand awareness. Have you got a link for your LinkedIn profile in your email signature? Imagine how many emails you send every day. You can even have a “Follow Us on LinkedIn” button in your email.

What do you make of all these ideas? Are you using any of them?

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