India reaches 10 million LinkedIn users

India recently reached 10 million LinkedIn users. With just 3 million users in November 2009, there has been a surge in the usage and membership of LinkedIn in India. In under 2 years the LinkedIn membership has tripled. It remains to be seen whether this kind of growth will continue or possibly start to slow down. I have seen a great deal of activity from Indians on LinkedIn in the past year and am not surprised by growth. However, the extent of the growth did come as a surprise.

Out of curiosity I just thought I would see what Facebook numbers for India are like. As at 23 June 2011, India had 25,267,840 Facebook users. I would have imagined that the Facebook numbers for India would be much higher than 25 million people. According to Wikipedia, India has a total population of 1,2 billion people so the Facebook and LinkedIn numbers seem to be a drop in the ocean but maybe not so if one considers the number of people with regular access to the internet. Sorry I do not have these figures.  I think there is room for greater penetration by both LinkedIn and Facebook in India.

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