Imagine that was the only LinkedIn connection you had

How you go grow your network on LinkedIn? Do you add one person at a time or do you accept several invitations in one go?  I ask these questions for a few reasons. You might realise that as you get more connections it becomes more of a challenge to give attention to individual connections. Scientists say that we really cannot ordinarily have more than 130 contacts or friends, the Dunbar number it is called. It is said that beyond this number the quality of relationships starts to deteriorate.

Quantity in network versus quality of interaction

Does the increase in quantity in the network impact on the quality of interaction? This should not be the case but to be quite honest as your network moves from 20 connections to 100 connections, you will see the changes. How do you manage this issue? This is not something you can manage in one go. It needs to be done on an ongoing basis. You need to make sure that your connections do not feel like just numbers in your network.

Value your LinkedIn Connections, Value your relationships

I recommend that for every new connection you make on LinkedIn imagine that was the only connection you had. This kind of thinking can really help you to focus on individual relationships and avoid falling into the numbers trap. Don’t get carried away by the hundreds of potential connections but focus on one person at a time, an individual who brings their own uniqueness to your network.

Don’t get carried away by numbers

Sometimes when our networks can really big we can get carried away with the numbers and lose sight of the most important thing, mutually beneficial and value adding relationships. Focus on building sustainable relationships. Think long-term. Imagine this person as a customer. How would you treat them?  Your focus will be on always adding value.

Knowing your network

If you stick to a thorough process for every new connection you make, you will realise that after some time you know your network reasonably well. Tagging your connections will also be of great use. Make notes in the profiles of your connections. What is particular about that connection and what strikes you about that person? What will help you to remember them? What do you have in common? These are things can enrich your engagement or interaction on LinkedIn.

Going forward

Will the issues in this article affect your network in any way? I would love to hear your comments.

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