How to use Certifications on your Profile

The purpose of our LinkedIn profiles is to demonstrate our expertise, experience, qualifications and value that we can offer to potential employers or clients.

One of the fields offered is the Certifications section.

You will find this under the list of Sections, shortly after your personal and contact details.

LI Certifications exampleHere is an excellent example of how the Certifications field has been used
by my friend and colleague, Cindy Pivacic. Cindy is a speaker in the HIV & AIDS field and demonstrates the value of hiring her, not only for her message and speaking, but also because of her effort to be certified in all the appropriate places. She lists her NPO, BEE, Accreditation and Tax Exemption status certifications in this field, along with relevant numbers and expiry dates.

You could list your CFP, CSP, Prince2, CMII, Accounting, Financial, Legal, or any other necessary certification or accreditation or practice number.

Your credibility increases when someone views your profile and knows that you are not just pretending to have experience and knowledge but that you have been accredited by an independent third party or council of peers.

Remember too, that if this certification is really important, either for employment or for a client to realize, then you can pull the Certifications Section up higher in your profile, perhaps immediately after your Summary section.

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