Get in the habit of Tagging your LinkedIn Connections

Tag your connections

Get in the habit of tagging your LinkedIn connections. Think of a tag as a category for your LinkedIn. It makes it easier to find people among your connections. Examples of tags that you could use are Java Developers, New prospect or potential candidate. It will all depend on the type of network you have and how they add value to you.

Why would you tag?

Why would you want to tag your LinkedIn?  It’s makes it easier to browse them and find specific contacts depending on the accuracy of your tagging. You can always search for a specific contact using their name but sometimes you don’t have this on hand. A contact can have more than one tag assigned to them. So for instance one of your contacts John can be tagged as an Engineer, Business Partner and Friend.

A strategic approach to tagging LinkedIn Connections

Take a strategic approach to your tagging. When creating new tags do not only focus on the current connections you have but also think of the new contacts you intend to make. Focus on the big picture in terms of your network and come up with the various categories that would cover your network. This makes it easier to cover all the areas when you actually start the tagging process.

Default Tags

The default tags for LinkedIn Connections are Colleagues Classmate, Business Partners and Friends. Unfortunately these default tags are too limiting and not always accurate. For example someone could invite you and indicate you as a Friend which would actually not be the case. Fortunately LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to create your own tags, adding on those already there.

Where do the default tags come from?

For the default tags LinkedIn uses the information that is provided when an invitation is made. You can see this can be a problem when someone on LinkedIn claims to be a friend and you connect with them. They will be listed under your friends tag.  Such a contact would need a fresh tag.

How to tag, it’s so easy

To tag your connections, just go to the main menu, move your mouse to CONTACTS and select CONNECTIONS. This will take you to your first Level connections where you can select connections and tag them.

 Start early

Start tagging as early as you can. It is much easier then. Don’t wait to get thousands of LinkedIn Connections before you start tagging. You might get easily discouraged by the numbers. Just tagging a few connections a day will do the trick. Before you know it, you will be done.

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