Great reception from BNI chapters in Kempton Park

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I gave a Keynote address at the Kempton Park Golf Club on a chilly Wednesday morning. The talk was very well received by the BNI members and I was very humbled by the enthusiasm of the audience. The talk was delivered in my typically spontaneous style in which one of my main goals is geting people excited about LinkedIn. I gave the audience a few challenges which included that everyone had to create a LinkedIn profile, invite other BNI members to the network and spend just 30 minutes a day on LinkedIn.

There were between 30 and 40 people present. BNI is a fast growing organisation and I strongly believe that the members can benefit a great deal by being active on LinkedIn as well. The concept of “givers gain” which the BNI members are used to will certainly hold them in good stead on LinkedIn. After my keynote I also had a the great priviledge of chatting to Mike Levine, the National Director of BNI in South Africa. I was surprised by how BNI and LinkedIn have in common and the synergies between the 2 organisations in the US. With BNI focussing a great deal on Face-to-face networking and word of mouth marketing and referrals LinkedIn will compliment nicely what the BNI members are already doing.

The BNI event provided an excellent networking platform during which I met with several entrepreneurs. A number of participants were kind enough to provide referrals on the spot which was greatly appreciated.We look forward to talking more about LinkedIn at the other BNI chapters where we have been invited.

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  1. There is a few spelling errors in this article Bruce. Otherwise I’m keen to find out more about BNI compared to other networking groups. There is too many to join and I’m no longer excited about meeting new people in this way.

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