Everyone in your company pulling together on LinkedIn?

Are companies on LinkedIn getting the most from their staff on LinkedIn through their personal profiles and the LinkedIn Company pages? In an earlier article I urged companies to get everyone on board LinkedIn. There are over 161 million LinkedIn users and plus 2 million LinkedIn Company pages globally. For the each company on LinkedIn, the corporate brand projected by the company page should be consistent with the personal brand as shown in the personal LinkedIn profile. To populate the staff profiles on the LinkedIn Company page, data and information are pulled from individual profiles.

Just the beginning – If everyone in your company has now joined LinkedIn and made sure their profile is 100% complete that is well and good. We will tick that box that but that is really only the beginning. What next steps are being taken to keep the momentum going on LinkedIn? You now have complete company page which shows all the staff in the company. What about Followers and status updates regarding the company? How are you going to get more followers and promote your brand on the platform?

Personal profiles and LinkedIn company page – Are the LinkedIn personal profiles of your staff actually talking to the LinkedIn company page? The personal profiles should have some level of consistency for your company as these all impact on your brand.  If I randomly choose a LinkedIn profile of one of your staff could you tell its one of your own if we hid the name and some obvious identifying details. Without being too restrictive the company should provide  some guidelines on using LinkedIn with some dos and don’ts.

Is everyone pulling together on LinkedIn – Is everyone in the company pulling together? Do they know that on LinkedIn they are actually playing in the same team? By this I mean does everyone in the company actually know what the company seeks to achieve not just in terms of overall company goals, vision and objectives but in terms of your LinkedIn presence. Why is your company on LinkedIn? What is the overall LinkedIn strategy and what is the focus within the various departments and teams? Before everyone in the company can pull together on the platform they need to be aware of these questions and know the answers. It can help to give the activity on LinkedIn focussed and goal driven and prevent spontaneous and unproductive activity.

Passion and productivity on LinkedIn – If your staff join LinkedIn because they are forced and not because they buy into it, there could be problems. There is a good chance that if this happens, they will have dormant profiles which really don’t do anyone any good. However, if they buy into LinkedIn, get passionate about the platform, they are likely to spend more time on it exploring how it can add value to them and the company. Before they develop the passion, they must see the purpose? Are there any success stories you can share about LinkedIn?

Are your teams sharing LinkedIn insights and experiences? – It might still happen that in your company some LinkedIn users are getting a lot of value from the platform while others may be struggling. Are you sharing experiences on the platform, perhaps looking at what has been working for those are having great experience and what is not working. This could be just a few informal sessions across the company with people would walk away with a few ideas on how to do things but on LinkedIn. Perhaps the sales and business development teams I getting more value from LinkedIn and the recruitment teams. Is this something that the recruitment team could learn from the sales and business development team.

Do you share LinkedIn strategies across your teams? – Perhaps one of the reasons why the recruitment team in your company is so successful is because they have a clearly laid out LinkedIn strategy in terms of how they will engage with talent on the platform and they have stuck to this strategy faithfully. Do other teams in the company of the same level of focus and dedication in using the platform to achieve their own goals? When you look at the respective teams do the strategies talk to each other? At the end of the day the teams should not engage in activities that sabotage each other’s efforts. Everyone should be pulling for the same company goals and objectives.

Level of engagement among company staff on LinkedIn – To what extent do company staff actually connect and engage on LinkedIn? Everyone in the company should be connected everyone else. So if there are 201 people in the company, everyone should have at least 200 connections. When there is an opportunity to share content posted by someone of the company why not go for it?

Posting company related information on LinkedIn – What is your company do when using something you wish to celebrate in public, for example a milestone that you’d like your customers in just about everyone else on about? Can everyone in the company post about the company or is just a few designated people? Have you considered this kind of questions in your company regarding activity on LinkedIn or everything is by default delegated to the marketing communications you.

I would be quite keen to hear about whether companies are using LinkedIn in a coordinated fashion or whether it is a random and pretty much spontaneous process, basically a hit and miss affair.

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